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Ideas on Healthy Foods for Weight Loss

September 7, 2012

Healthy foods are very necessary in weight loss. It helps you to live long healthy life. Below are some good food ideas, which will help you to live strong healthy life.

Best and Healthy Foods for Weight Loss –

Green Tea
Drinking green tea leads to shedding excess fats. Caffeine is not a slimming agent, but the antioxidant named catechins increases the metabolism rate and burns the fat deposits in a faster way. Experts have proved that people who drink green tea tend to lose more amount of calories as compared with the people who don’t follow it.

Eggs contain high amount of proteins. The egg whites are the richest source of proteins and the yolk inside is rich in fats. The proteins in the egg keep you full for long hours and thus avoids any fat cravings throughout the day. You can simply include two scrambled eggs on a wheat toast or a multi-grain slice bread and have it for your breakfast.

Include different types of salad in your daily diet. You can start your meals with salads and then switch to the main course as eating salads, as appetizers can make you eat less food during main meal thus controlling the calorie intake. Salads aid in reducing the unhealthy food cravings and boosts up the body’s immune system.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Eating fresh fruits and vegetables boosts up the body’s energy and metabolism rate that keeps you active for the whole day. Most of the fruits and vegetables are rich in proteins, fibers, and other essential vitamins and minerals that keep you well nourished all the time and act as the detoxifying agents.


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