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Information on Weight loss surgery with Lap Band

January 1, 2013

For weight loss, application of Lap Band Surgery is done by many. Not all can apply this measure of weight control, as it is not recommended for all. Though the surgery has been designed to get rid of the excess fats, it may lead to life-threatening effects in some. Therefore, it is advised to seek consultation of a doctor before making a decision to go for it for weight loss.

What is Lap Band Surgery?

Lap Band surgery helps to have satiety. This is a very good thing as people do not eat much and automatically tend to lose a considerable amount of weight. The surgery is the newest and is suggested for miserably fat people who are keen to shed the excess pounds as early as possible.

During the course of surgery, an inflatable silicone band is used to fit around the uppermost area of the abdomen that creates a small sized pouch over the surface of the silicon band. The surgery lasts for an hour or so. When done effectively, it helps to reduce the size of the stomach to a mandarin. This way, reduced size of the stomach leads people to eat very less measures of foods. And even if they try to eat more, that results into pain in stomach or vomiting in some instances.

Warnings and Precautions

The following points have to be remembered in order to have desired success from the surgery in weight management.

  • Adjustment in the tightness of the Lap Band is possible. One can make appropriate adjustment in its position, so that it doesn’t cling to the body, nor does it remain loose.
  • The surgery works only on solid foods. Therefore, it is essential to keep a check on the intake of liquid foods.
  • The surgery is irreversible, and does not lead to any sort of permanent changes to the human stomach. It can come back to its original position.

During the weight loss surgery with lap band, it is essential to take proper care. One must acquire information with respect to various aspects, such as: total cost of the surgery, what does it actually involves, what is the nature of the risks involved in the surgery and what sort of effects it is going to bring in the life-style of an individual. After finding out answers to all these questions, it becomes easy to make a stable decision to go with the treatment for weight control.


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