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Maintain Flat Tummy After Pregnancy

January 23, 2013

Every woman feel proud to become a mother. It is this phase of her life which she cherishes lifetime. Motherhood gives you feeling of pride. The moment your baby arrives in this world, you are loaded with bunch of responsibilities. You have to devote maximum time in bringing up your baby. Being a mother, you must fulfill your responsibilities, but at the same time you must not ignore your body. Post pregnancy, most of the women get a bulging tummy after the delivery. Therefore, it is your duty to take care of not only your child but also pay attention towards your body. We are asking you to do so because a belly fat is bad for your wellness program and it may be the cause of certain severe diseases in the future. Most of the chronic diseases occur in a human because of obesity which is the result of belly fat and overweight. So, we bring you some important and homely tips so that you can reduce your tummy fat even after the pregnancy.

Important Tips

In order to start the workout to reduce the belly fat, it is very important that you are physically fit for the program. This is because your body utilizes most of the energy while delivering the baby. So, to check whether you are fit for the program or not, lie on your back while placing your hands across your head. Now, slowly lift your body, hold this position and place your finger over the belly button. If one finger is able to adjust in that gap, then you are fit for the program and if more than one finger fits there, then your body is not in a position to carry out any exercise. It needs some more time to get prepared for the workout session.  

Workout for Belly Fat  

  • You need to do very little for the belly reduction, but you have to put your maximum effort while doing any form of exercise. You should start with crunches first. When your baby is sleeping, you can take out some time to do it. Crunches are very easy to do and put pressure on your abdomen. So, by doing them regularly, you can considerably reduce the belly fat.  
  • Another very good form of exercise for your belly are sit ups. These are again easily done exercises. You can do any amount of sets starting from small sets of course. Remember, not to over do any exercise as it may injure your body.

So, practicing these simple yet important steps can result in the reduction in your belly fat. So, plan your day ahead and make these a part of your regular routine. 


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